Women into Leadership


The Women into Leadership Programme is for female teachers aspiring for leadership. The programme is delivered over the course of an academic year and all successful candidates will receive recognition of completion of the course. The key aims of the course are to increase the number of females applying for, and securing, middle and senior leadership positions within school, both teaching and non-teaching. It also aims to develop leadership capabilities, confidence and promotion prospects and improve performance in current roles. This is done through developing all aspects of leadership, including stress management and wider influences.

This programme helps practitioners and school leaders to;

  • Increase female self-confidence and aspirations
  • Increase the number of female staff applying for and securing leadership positions
  • Develop leadership capabilities and promotion prospects
  • Improve performance in current roles

Programme Schedule for 2019-2020

Two courses are running for 2019-2020 at Stoke Heath Primary School* and North Leamington School**

24.09.2019* & 01.10.2019** 3.45pm-5.30pm

Launch Event

12.10.2019* & 16.11.2019** 9am-1pm

Confidence, Resilience and Work-life Balance

11.01.2020* & 25.01.2020** 9am-1pm

Career Development, Successful Applications and Interviews

21.03.2020* & 07.03.2020** 9am-1pm

Assertiveness, Difficult Conversations and Effective Delegation

06.06.2020* & 13.06.2020** 9am-1pm

Effective Leadership skills, Motivation and Focus of Self and Others

14.07.2020* & 07.07.2020** 3.45pm-5.30pm

Close Event

Individual coaching and feedback sessions will be planned throughout the year.

Cost £300

To secure a place on this programme, email teachingschool@pks.coventry.sch.uk