Building the 'Word-Rich' classroom


Within this programme, teachers will explore educational theory and evidence-based practice in order to develop an understanding of the importance of explicit vocabulary instruction. Considering the goal of a ‘word rich’ culture and developing word consciousness in our pupils, this programme will consider how this looks in classrooms, as well as at subject curriculum and whole-school level.

This programme supports practitioners to;

  • Create a vision and model for a ‘word-rich’ culture in schools
  • Develop a repertoire of strategies within classrooms to effectively teach vocabulary
  • Reflect on and evaluate existing curriculum structures while considering the status of vocabulary

Programme schedule 2019-2020

11.09.2019 3.45pm-5.30pm

The ‘Word-Rich' Classroom: The Reality

06.11.2019 3.45pm-5.30pm

Academic Language Acquisition: Influencing our thinking on vocabulary

08.01.2020 3.45pm-5.30pm

Creating a Culture of Word Consciousness: Practice in the classroom

18.03.2020 3.45pm-5.30pm

Reflections on Curriculum: Evaluating the effectiveness of the teaching of vocabulary?

10.06.2020 3.45pm-5.30pm

Scaling Up: How can we create a culture of word consciousness at whole-school level?

Cost £175

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