Building Brighter Futures Programme


The Building Brighter Futures Programme is a one–year programme that focuses on the educational theory and evidence-based practice of Key Stage 2 to 3 transition, exemplified in ‘The Bridge’ at President Kennedy School, a nationally and internationally recognised dedicated Year 7 College. 

The programme will initially explore the principles of The Bridge concept, namely ‘Students First; It’s About Learning; No Barriers’ and outline strategic whole school improvement mechanisms enabling transformational change, such as leadership structures, action planning, T&L Reviews and performance management.  Participants will, through a structured programme of group sessions,  be provided and equipped with practical strategies from school and system leaders to enhance the transition process from primary to secondary both academically and pastorally.  This will include a focus on the continuity of progression through the effective use of data and the sharing of pedagogical practice, in addition to collaborative curriculum development and deployment of specialist staff. 

The programme will then explore how the curriculum and T&L monitoring processes prioritise and drive improvements in students’ key skills of reading, writing and oral communication through flexible curriculum planning, tight accountability systems and CPDL. 

The final sessions of the programme will provide participants with the opportunity to explore how schools within The Futures Trust  and the President Kennedy Teaching School Alliance have adopted ‘The Bridge’ model according to their own school context and strategic intent.  This will include opportunities to observe lessons, conduct learning walks and student voice and meet with leaders from across a range of schools to  assist participants in establishing a vision and transition model for their own school.

The programme helps school leaders to;

  • Develop a clear vision and model for Key Stage 2 to 3 transition in their own school context
  •  Enhance their understanding and effective use of a range of local and national pupil level data
  •  Lead on learning through assisting the establishment of a clear set of principles centred on T&L, curriculum and assessment at Key Stage 3
  •  Identify priorities for relationship building and partnership with feeder primaries and Key Stage 2 colleagues

Programme Session Schedule 2018-19

31.10.2018 2.30-5pm 

The Bridge: Vision and Values

06.02.2019 2.30-5pm

The Bridge: Planning and Structures

13.03.2019 9am-12pm

The Bridge: Curriculum Design and Principles

10.04.2019 2pm-5.30pm

The Bridge: Accelerated Progress through Exceptional Transition

26.06.2019 9am-12pm

The Bridge: Theory to Practice

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